About Us

We are Brandon and Aryelle Lohnes

Our pizza journey began in 2018 when we opened a small take-out pizza shop near Pittsburgh. While we agreed that the pizza we made there was good, there was still something missing. Recalling the delicious neapolitan pizzas she had eaten in Italy, Aryelle gifted Brandon a small wood fired pizza oven. After cooking with that, we figured it out! No other cooking method can replicate the flavor and authenticity of a real, classic, wood fired pizza. 

And so began a year of countless hours spent in the kitchen, testing ingredients to create our perfect pizza. We wanted to create something special that we could truly be proud of. We cooked and tasted what seemed like endless combinations until finally, we found it! One bite, and we knew that what we had in our hands was the perfect pizza.

Now that we had perfected our recipe, we wanted to share our take on neapolitan pizza with as many people as possible, in a unique and memorable way. The name “Black Dog” is inspired by our – you guessed it! – black lab/husky mix Bailey. We felt her sweet and spunky personality was the perfect mascot for our truck. We are set up so that you are able to see your pizza being made from beginning to end, and that transparency is reflected in the way we do business.

We hope to see you soon!